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Contact Us

You can contact us by sending an email to bruk@blindradio.co.uk

BlindRadio.co.uk is a sister site to BlindRadio.com. It is non commercial and is offered as a charitable return to society. Running costs are met by Beta3 ltd, a company registered in England & Wales under company number 5145961 c/o Simpson Wreford & Partners, Suffolk House, George Street, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 OYN. This local site lists internet radio stations in the UK and Ireland; BlindRadio.com is a much larger site and lists worldwide online stations.

About Blind Radio

Blindradio was created in 2003 as a blind-friendly internet radio web site addressing the growing needs of blind and visually impaired.The idea was simple and remains so - a very basic objective - Blind & Visually Impaired don't just like radio - they 'need' radio as most other media resources are inaccessible.

With legal implications now for web sites that do not offer accessibility, BlindRadio is a forerunner and is recognised internationally with the 'radio for everybody' tagline.

Today, it is internationally known as both reliable and accessible and is the leader in its sector. The reliability is delivered through an advanced bespoke data management and test system which monitors all channels.

If you wish to incorporate or create a radio player with high reliability accessibile internet radio, contact us for expert opinion on data reliability, design and accessibility - key to delivering radio to your listeners and meeting your legal responsibilities.

With over a decade of hands on contact with internet radio users including blind and visually impaired listeners worldwide, we offer proven knowledge.